Moderates of the world, unite!

Last night US presidential debate was depressing. It was not 1h30 to challenge the intelligent and reasonable brain, it was 1h30 to lock the brain in a dark room and whisper horrible threats. “The other side will eat your parents uhuuuu. Everyone is a fraud uhuuuu”.

Will this be the last month in an insane descent into a chaotic a profoundly divided world? I don’t think so, but what do I know? Up until 2016 I was comfortably on the democratic side. It had plenty of problems, but it seemed like the one capable to enforcing reasonable judgement. When Trump got elected, I continued consuming both extreme media sources, as an exercise in reasoning, from Rush Limbaugh to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Pretty unbalanced, right? Rush Limbaugh was already a full representative of an extreme ideology, while Jon Stewart was still able to come to the middle. That proved impossible going forward as many moderate media sources became extreme, ie stupid. In hindsight, I see now that what’s been developing is a flight of the moderate ground. To be a moderate in 2020 is to be attacked from the left and the right.

Many of the serious media sources we had in 2016 have been giving up the reasoning process and have succumbed to the unidimensionality of good vs evil, rich vs poor, man vs woman, black vs white. This simplistic way of framing the discussion is certainly not new and it can be pleasing. However, it is hollow, it never gave the results its proponents were fighting for. It’s a nice start but a terrible finisher. In 1944, Tommy Douglas of Canada was already eloquently and beautifully framing the political debate in colors, although it was political colors back then. We’re accomplishing Mr Douglas’ thought in race colors.

For example, what have you seen in the last night’s debate? Perhaps you saw two political parties at odds with radical surges. Or you might have seen the perilous exchange of ideas of how to balance the economy and covid response. You might have noticed a side overbearing the other. Maybe you saw what seemed like the beginning of a discussion about the stock market and the real economy. You probably, hopefully, saw dozens of different angles and you might have been challenged in your reasoning. Well, according to the Zeit of Germany, the only take away is that angry white men. That. No verb, no action. That’s the sentence and that’s the conclusion: angry white men. No need to watch the debate, then.

Wütende weiße Männer (angry white men)

When all you see is race, what does that make you?

In a world where everyone’s a racist, anti-racists only see race and nothing else matters. It is time for the moderates to refuse this simplistic and stupid argument. I don’t like Biden, but between Trump, Pence, Harris and Biden who’s the most moderate? That should be a compliment.

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