Eplan script to export several projects as PDF

If I had a nickel for every time I had to export 10 or more Eplan projects as PDF, I’d be a rich man. A very annoyed, but rich man. This has got to be one of the most time-consuming tasks in Eplan and it happens to be a pretty recurring one. Usually one doesn’t export just one time the projects. Usually one exports the projects regularly along the timeline of the main project. So I wanted to automate this task. The idea was to simply select the projects I wanted to export and then let the computer export one by one, while I could go get a coffee or do anything else, which is much, much, MUCH, better than clicking the same 3 buttons for every project.

Luckily, the good people of eplan forums are very helpful.

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe in den letzten Wochen versucht, ein Export Skript zu machen. Es solltet helfen, wenn man mehrere Projekte exportieren muss. Es kann schon PDF und Beschriftung exportieren und Eplan Backup auch. Aber ich habe Schwierigkeit mit SPS-addressen.

Weiß jemand, wie man SPS-addressen exportieren kann?

Vielen Dank

in https://ww3.cad.de/

With their help I was able to code a cool script. It will prompt the user to select the projects he wants to export. Then he will be asked to specify the output directory and that’s about it. Where I spent well over an hour (probably 2) for every 10 separate Eplan files, I know need 15 minutes and I don’t even need to do much. So it’s faster and simpler, what could be better?

Originally published on 16/10/2016

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