My first stock investment


Oh man! You never forget your first company bought. I bought the one company I knew for most of my life: McDonald’s. Oh yeah. My grandpa used to take me to the mall during school recess to have lunch. I would normally choose between Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. When I chose McDonald’s, my grandpa would sit with me at a table while I ate a happy meal, or a McChicken, or a McBacon. He did from time to time endeavor on eating a bite of a burger, but never liked it. I can’t see how that’s possible. It is delicious meat, covered in delicious sauce, between delicious buns and delicious french fries. What about the toy inside happy meal? I would get an instant kick from playing with it.
I’d slurp loudly my Coke until there was nothing more than cubes of ice and then I’d take the top of the cup away and lick the cubes. I remember those times dearly, I’ll tell you. I felt happy, even though I didn’t know yet what that was exactly.

A few years later, I took my girlfriend to Mac so many times that it became one of our sweet spots. Where we talked, we filled our empty bellies and had a break from an argument. I’d see her across the table eating her McBacon in her weird way – taking off the top bun and dipping fries in the burger sauce until it was dry as a rock.
I have so many memories of being with the ones I love in McDonald’s that I can’t help but feel close to the golden arches. When I took a night class on SQL, I’d go to the nearby McDonald’s to study and pass time while eating a Cheeseburguer and absent-mindedly drinking a Coke.

Then I bought it. Why did I bought it? I understood its business model, how and why it balanced between company owned and franchised outlets. I could see its customers. It made sense to me how McDonald’s was making money. This was a great company, whose stock wasn’t that attractive. Great company, bad stock price to enter. In the end, I decided that the stock was overpriced currently and I sold it. Investing is one half seeing which companies have great business models and the other half is purchasing them at cheap prices.

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